Archie Baer

Shootydot Guide

A year or two ago, I made a game called Shootydot. It was similar to games like or Each player is a circle that can shoot the other circles, and you get points for doing so, and lose points when you get hit. Back in January, I revived this game, and made it use Alles' original OAuth api. I shut it down again later since nobody played it, but as with all my projects, I kept the code and considered it a project that had taught me a lot of important things about technologies like and HTML canvas, both of which I have used a lot since then. Shootydot was somewhat well-known in the Alles community, and I even hid an easter egg in Pulsar that allowed you to play a simple single-player version. But last night, I decided to bring it back again!

There were a ton of changes to make, including removing the MongoDB stuff (since I no longer use it, and a database is unnecessary here), migrating from the Alles OAuth api that had been shut down long ago to QuickAuth, and removing things that relies on old Alles services like Alles Teams. I also made a bunch of general changes, such as updating the splash texts, and modifying player colours, but for the most part, the game was unchanged. You can now play it, using an AllesID. And without further ado, here's how:

The basic controls are quite simple, you move your mouse to travel in the direction of your cursor. Hold left click or whatever your primary mouse button is to shoot, and right click to use your speed boost (it will slowly fill up in the bar at the bottom of the screen). People always require me to explain how the score works. You lose one point every time you shoot, so don't waste bullets. However, you gain points every time you successfully hit a player. When another player's bullet hits you, you'll lose a few points, and if you go outside the map (where there aren't any stars), you'll rapidly lose points. There'll be a red border around the screen when you have less than 20 points, and you die once it reaches zero.

Players can have different colors. Normal players are red, Alles+ members are gold, and admins get purple. Your Alles name and tag are shown to other players. Bullets have a 0.1% chance every tick to fly off in a random direction. The most important special game mechanic is The Plague. When you join, you have a 10% chance of spawning with it. If you have it, the stars will shake and you will rapidly lose points. The only way to stay alive is to keep shooting other players. But if you have the plague, your bullets will be infected and you'll spread it to other players.

Have fun!