Archie Baer

Hello World

This is the third major version of my personal website. The first one used Ghost, which was okay, I guess. The second one kept the same design, but shifted to Alles Paper as the CMS, which we are shutting down, so I needed to update my site. It was past time for a redesign anyway, and I'm quite happy with this. There's no CMS - it's just a written as a Next.js page. The design is inspired by Sergio Mattei's website.

I'll probably forget about this site since I spent most of my time working on Alles, but I hope to write about stuff at least once a month. I'm using Twitter personally a lot less now, and I've finally rid myself of WhatsApp and Instagram, so most of my thoughts will be posted here and on my Alles profile. I'll mostly write about technology that I think needs to be improved, and how we at Alles are fixing it, and maybe my experiences with trying new things. I hope to learn rust and deno at some point, which will be an interesting endeavour.