Archie Baer

What is Alles?

A question I've been getting a lot about Alles is, unsurprisingly, what is it? I've found it quite tricky to explain, so now I'm going to sit down and write a blog post that I can just link to.

"Alles" is German for All/Everything. Alles is a collection of many different services, which are all tightly connected. In the center, there's your AllesID, which you use to sign in to all of our services. Each AllesID has a username, mine is archie. We had an opportunity a few weeks ago for people to reserve their username, and as I am writing this post, there are 34 active accounts. Each of those people should be able to sign into our account website and change their name/nickname/bio.

Alles has a few product categories. There's the main website aimed at individuals,, which will be a social website. When you post something, it will be added to some of your followers' feed. People can boost your post to increase your reputation and add your post to all of their followers' feed.

In posts and in our chat apps, you can reference different things with different prefixes. For example:

These new prefixes were suggested by @NikolovSmart on Twitter.

Our individual productivity suite consists of two main products. The first one is called Untitled (although we're not sure about this name, we might stick with it). I guess it's a very powerful web-based word processor, but it integrates through Soprano with our other services, like Kubase, so it can build websites (which you can deploy to a subdomain). Think Google Docs + Microsoft Access + Notion... I guess.

Then there's Kubase. Kubase is where spreadsheet meets database. Kubase is the ultimate data storage solution. You can use it as a spreadsheet, or use it to save Alles Input (our form service) responses, or use it to store blog posts which use Untitled as a frontend. Or, when used in a team context, interact with it through the Kubase api like a normal database. There are also going to be "Kubase Apps".

Then, bridging Untitled, Kubase,, Input, Blogs, and a bunch of other services is Soprano. Soprano is our service aimed to allow you to easily automate everything without writing a line of code. For example, when a user fills in my form to book a table at my restaurant, add that to Kubase so it can be displayed on the internal staff UI build with Untitled, then send me an email and message the user who booked to say thanks and provide some information. And if you are a programmer and what something a little more advanced, it's easy to build your own integrations and Kubase logic.

When you create a team, like $alles, you are the owner and you can invite members. You can create roles within your team and then assign them to that user. We might make it so you can post as the team to and people can follow the team. Most developer services, such as OAuth applications, are owned by the team. You can buy Stardust which is the unit that is charged for API requests and other developer actions. You can also subscribe to a paid team plan to recieve Stardust, and you get extra business features, for example, Alles Workspaces, which is a service for communicating with your team and managing your projects.

Other developer services that teams have access to include Inscription, which is our logging service, and our image editing api.

There are also groups, which are somewhat like teams but more informal. For example, you might have a group for people on your Minecraft server. Groups don't really act as one, they don't own anything (like applications or stardust), and there are no permissions (we might make some basic permission levels in future, like Keybase).

You can sign in to third party services with your AllesID, and your avatar can be used anything as it is located at the CORS-enabled service at[username]. Alles has lots of useful services like Alles Blogs (blogging), Sigma Pages (simple static sites), Veev (our search engine) and Alles Comments.

Alles Comments is a plugin for sites so site owners can easily add comments and let us handle the rest. If you have Alles+, you can use extra emojis, and you get 250 boosts a month on, instead of 50 boosts. If you run out of boosts but you still want to boost a post, you can buy more boosts.

So yes, there's a lot to work on. So stop making me explain what Alles is when I could be building it.