Archie Baer

Stuff I want to work on

Since my last post, pretty much nothing has changed. Really, the only reason I'm even writing this post is to have more blog post elements on the homepage to test the styling with, but I guess I'll explain what I'm going to work on, and what I've recently built.

  • Bluebird (Kaiser) - Twitter profile graphs and metrics
  • Alles (Major Project) - An account service you use to login to some of the projects below, and a site which shows you news, weather, messaging, etc.
  • Spectare (Alles) - A video platform without advertisers. Users pay money which is distributed to creators proportional to watch time.
  • Bithop (Alles) - Stealth Mode
  • Nitrogen (Alles) - The messaging part of Alles
  • Argon (Major Project) - I'll explain this in a lot of detail in another post
  • Crosshatch (Major Project) - Analytics service

Anyway, that's probably 200 characters.