Archie Baer

Shootydot v2

Some time ago, I made a bad game called Shootydot. Last weekend, I made a slightly less bad game called Shootydot v2. This blog post will explain the basics, and will be updated as I add more stuff.

You need an AllesID to play. Unlike a lot of other online games, you can't choose your name. It's set to your Alles username. An account can only have one active session at a time. This all prevents spam bots and stuff. Additionally, each server can only have up to 100 players at one time.

Currently, there is just my development server, but soon(ish), they'll be multiple servers around the globe, which means less lag (which I've been told is currently a problem outside of the UK). There will also be modified servers which means we can have extra game modes, like Shootydot: Battle Royale. However, this will be expensive, and I has little moneyz, so donate pls.

Okay, now on to the basic controls:

  • Left Click: Shoot
  • Right Click: Speed Boost
  • Scroll Wheel: Zoom
  • Mouse Movements: Change Direction

No, you can't play on mobile. You die when your score gets to zero. You lost points by shooting, but gain much more if you hit someone (and they lose points). You also rapidly lose points when you go outside of the map, where there are no stars. When you are on low health/points, there will be a red border around the edge of your screen. You continuously move, so if you don't pay attention, your player will fly off of the map and die.

One of my favourite game mechanics is perhaps the plague. When you have the plague, all the stars shake and you quickly lose points. Now, you have to shoot others in order to stay alive. Except, when you do shoot others, the plague spreads to them. You have a one in five chance of spawning with the plague (which I'll probably make less likely at some point), which means that it can appear and spread quite easily.

There are player colours. Currently, all normal players are red, but if you're in the Alles team (it just knows) then you get a special blue colour. They'll be other ways to get colours now, like if you donate, you'll be able to get a special colour, and when you surpass 10,000 kills.

Stuff I need to add:

  • Chat
  • Effects
  • Kill Count Leaderboard