Archie Baer

Alles Username Reservations

Hello. Just over a month ago, I decided that people should be able to pay £2.50* to reserve their Alles username. We've decided to give everyone who reserved access for free. Here's why:

Everything is very unfinished with Alles. We don't feel that what we've created so far is good quality, and the only near-completed part is the accounts system. I challenged myself to earn at least £1 by 2020. This means I have 2 days to collect payments. I'd have to rush to figure out how to use Stripe, and I'm under 18 so I can't use PayPal.

Charging for username reservations had 2 purposes. The first was to prevent too many people from signing up. The second was to see if I actually could make money from one of my web projects. If I were dishonest, I could just say "Ha ha! I wasn't actually ever going to charge you" and say it was all part of my plan to see if users were willing to pay. But that's not what I planned. And to address the second point, profit does not come from rushing. If you want to make something people truly love, you can't do it in 2 days. I didn't plan to charge in order to make profit. Reservations wouldn't have made more than £25 in total.

We aren't a profit oriented company. Sure, it'd be cool to make some money, but we're giving 100% of Veev ad profit to charities, and 90% of Spectare profits to creators. Right now, I'm losing money on servers and domain names, but I'm okay with that.

So, in conclusion, I've decided not to ask people to pay for their username reservations, because really, we're the ones who get something great out of it. We get people to test our services as we build them. We get real humans to give us feedback and advice. And while, sure, I could just discard this post and probably make at least £15 in profit, that's not my aim. My goal is no longer to make at least £1 by 2020. My goal is to make a useful and ethical ecosystem by mid June next year.

*I might have put $2.50 instead. I use dollars and pounds interchangeably, because most people use dollars but I'm British.