Archie Baer

Alles, the everything platform

A few months ago, I was building smaller projects (Jepeux, Paperclip, fwiw) that you would login to with Google, Github or Twitter (except I never did get Twitter working because they randomly blocked me from their API with no way to appeal). Now I'm building Alles, a platform to bridge all my projects together.

Your Alles username can be 3 to 7 (this will be increased) alphanumeric characters. We probably won't let you change it, so choose wisely; it will be used in places such as your messages, your Alles email, your threads, and associated sites, like Spectare.

Alles will have a desktop app called Helium, a mobile app and a few sites that will be mostly read-only. Alles' core services will be:

  • Alles News, a service build into most products to keep you up-to-date.
  • Alles Photos, a collection of beautiful photos to brighten up your day
  • Alles Messages
  • Alles Newsletters/Feed, create and subscribe to newsletters
  • Alles Threads, join a thread (eg. #dev) to talk about stuff
  • Alles Polls, create and share polls with your friends
  • Alles Email
  • Soprano, connect everything from Alles Messages, to Kubase, to your website together without a line of code
  • Alles Input, a beautiful and smarter survey solution
  • Alles Blogs

Other stuff that will be connected to Alles:

  • Soprano, connect everything together (eg. Alles Input or Messages, Kubase, your website)
  • Kubase, a cloud database service
  • Pipe, shorten links, connect custom domains, and use an API
  • Alles Web, the privacy-friendly, ethical search engine that gives 100% of ad revenue to charities that you choose
  • Alles Browser
  • Bithop, play music with anyone, anywhere
  • Spectare, get paid by people who care about your videos, not advertisers
  • Alles Cloud, deploy your code
  • Alles Sparkle, spreadsheets made smart
  • Alles Dazzle, presentation app
  • Neon, Notetaking/Documents/Simple Websites

Our plan is to have basic features (messages, threads, newsletters and news) done really soon, and have a proper launch in ~6 months. Want to take part earlier? Reserve your username with this form, and get a username which you may never have a chance to again. You'll get an Alles account months before public registration is possible, and it only costs £2.50. I'd really appreciate it if you did that, because I've never made money from any of my projects before, and you won't pay until I've contacted you, confirmed that the username is available, and given you a quick tour of everything you can do. So please, if you are willing to support me and want to be part of something that will hopefully be pretty cool, then reserve your username* :)

*Users will be contacted and accounts created in the order that the forms are submitted. For example, if you reserve a username and you're the 2nd person to do so, but that username has already been taken, you'll still get 2nd choice on your username.