Hello. If you're reading this, good. Somebody should, otherwise it's kind of a waste of time posting this. This is my first real post on Platform 1, the self-hosted blogging platform I've built. Some would say the UI needs some work, but tbh, I love this default styling we've got here, and a simple textarea I'm putting this in. It supports markdown, and iirc, it also supports html.

So I'm working on a project called Jepeux. You can join our discord server to help with the beta testing and stuff, plus Jepeux Pro members will get an exclusive role. I've made a lot of progress on the billing system now. We're using Stripe. I've kind of got some bits working, but it doesn't even fulfill the purchases yet, so I'll probably be up til 2am coding this. It's 10pm as of now. We're launching at 6pm BST in 3 days. We're currently testing using telebit (which I'll never be able to think AJ ONeal enough for) in development, but we'll put it behind the new nginx server I setup a few days ago for Point0.

I gave up on the entire project last night, when Stripe was annoying me. Eventually, I decided to use Stripe checkout instead of Stripe elements, which removes a lot of the hassle. Also, I have a lot of doubt about the quality of the idea itself, but I'll try not to think about that. After all, ideas are just a multiplier of execution. I might as well explain it.

Jepeux is a platform where you can purchase ebooks specifically about tech (sysadmin and programming) for $5 each. I got the inspiration from Amazon a bit, I guess, but there are so many people who have no idea what they're talking about, and massively overprice them. They've probably just copy/pasted the documentation on the project's website. To solve that, we've decided that authors will be invite-only. We're not quite sure how to do profits though. When the idea was in its infancy, we were thinking a 50:50 profit split for each book purchase, but now it's more complicated with Jepeux Pro and book tokens. We'll figure it out.

2 days to go! Visit the website.