Hydrogen Development Suspended

On the 24th of March, I made a commit. "First Commit". On the Hydrogen GitHub Repository. Hydrogen was our first attempt at shaping the web. The web is built upon the foundation that browsers provide for it. There were a bunch of things we wanted to introduce to improve how the web functions - Sign in APIs, native cookie dialogs, a local file storage api.

The problem is... how many people are actually willing to change their browsers? Brave, with all it's marketing and amazing technologies, still is completely invisible when compared to Chrome, Firefox, or even Edge and Safari. People are still on Internet Explorer. Getting people to change their browser, their utility for accessing the web, is very difficult. And, in my opinion, the web is becoming less relevant. Unfortunately, we are shifting towards a world where web browsers aren't important, everything is an app, and it's fate is decided by the companies who can play god, such as Google and Apple. People may argue that you can install alt stores on Android, or jailbreak your iOS device, but... who actually does that? Sure, maybe tech people do, but out of the 2.5 billion android devices, more than 99% of them are probably running stock android or software made by the device manufacturers. These companies get to control the entire mobile platform. This isn't good, and some day, we hope to address this problem.

So for now, I will continue recommending Firefox to people. It's privacy focused, not dependent on Chromium (unlike Hydrogen), and Mozilla are a great non-profit who are committed to keeping the web open and decentralized. Maybe, some day, we'll make another attempt at a web browser, but right now, we need to move fast and focus on what matters, stuff that people will actually care about. One factor that contributed to the death of Hydrogen is that Pulsar has filled the position of "The Alles App". Slowly, we'll allow it to connect your computer to Alles services, so we can build functionality like saving files on your device or system-wide Alles sign in, and we have a bunch of other things in the works. As a general status update for the platform, we're going to implement posts into alles.cx very soon now we have AllesFS ready to host images, and for the same reason, avatar uploading will be re-enabled soon. We've decided to cancel Alles Teams (yes, I know I keep changing my mind, but this is for real*), and just have Alles Cloud Platform organizations, and OAuth applications will be owned by them.

*We do still plan to build Alles Workspaces, though this is low priority as it is a B2B service, while most Alles services are B2C

I'll try to give updates about Alles on Paper more frequently in future. If you didn't know already, we do a podcast now with Noah Evans, the community president, and we might run some competitions soon.