Archie Baer

Hi! I'm Archie, and I code various web things.

I make stuff at Alles and write a blog.

Recent Blog Posts

Shootydot v2


Some time ago, I made a bad game called Shootydot. Last weekend, I made a slightly less bad game called Shootydot v2 []. This blog post will explain the basics, and will b...

What is Alles?


A question I've been getting a lot about Alles is, unsurprisingly, what is it? I've found it quite tricky to explain, so now I'm going to sit down and write a blog post that I can just link to. "A...

Alles Username Reservations


Hello. Just over a month ago, I decided that people should be able to pay £2.50* to reserve their Alles username. We've decided to give everyone who reserved access for free. Here's why: Everythin...

Alles and Open-Source


As I am writing this, it is the 16th of December. Username reservations close in 4 days. After they close, I'll be on Christmas break, so I'll have a lot more time for what happens next. Those who...

Hydrogen, the browser built for the 21st Century


Yep, you read that right! We're working on a web browser called Hydrogen. It will be Electron-based (like Beaker Browser), so it will have Chromium under the hood. There's a lot to talk about, but...

Alles, the everything platform


A few months ago, I was building smaller projects (Jepeux, Paperclip, fwiw) that you would login to with Google, Github or Twitter (except I never did get Twitter working because they randomly bloc...